How early can you inflate your balloons before an upcoming job?

How early can you inflate your balloons before an upcoming job?


The timing for inflating balloons prior to an installation can vary depending on several factors such as the type of balloons, environmental conditions, and the desired appearance of the installation. However, as a general guideline, it is recommended to inflate balloons no more than 12-24 hours before the installation.

Inflating the balloons too early can result in several issues. Latex balloons, for example, are porous and gradually lose air over time. They may start to deflate or lose their shape if inflated too far in advance. Additionally, environmental factors like temperature and humidity can affect the longevity of inflated balloons. High temperatures can cause the balloons to expand and pop, (although we don't use that word at Balo Balloons) while cold temperatures can cause them to shrink and lose air.

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To ensure the best possible appearance and longevity of your balloon installation, it's best to inflate the balloons as close to the installation time as possible. This way, they will look their best and maintain their shape throughout the event or display. If you are working with a professional balloon artist or decorator, they will have experience and knowledge regarding the optimal timing for inflating balloons based on the specific circumstances of your installation. If ever unsure contact us at Balo Balloons and someone will be glad to help.

Some Key Points:

  • early inflation will save you time on the installation;
  • ensures no leaky balloons;
  • start to gauge the number of balloons needed for future jobs;
  • ease of installation & more customer interaction.
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